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team dynamics.

A game-based learning experience for teams that generates actionable insights on team behaviour only by using data extracted from a digital game.

We’re open to people of any age, education level and gaming experience.

// Play shouldn't end with childhood

Playing games can reveal a person’s true behavior because it creates a simulated environment where individuals can act freely and make choices without the constraints of real-world consequences. This freedom allows people to behave in ways that may be different from how they would normally behave in everyday life but do express their true selves .

Our in house developed digital games and the overal experience experience all support showing your true self within a team.

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The Strides experience as a conversation starter for something bigger.
//Use Case
Revealing Team Dynamics
for better business outcomes.

The role of teams within organisations is vital. Understanding and discovering  how team members interact and collaborate, is a crucial process to optimize team performance.  To encourage participation and engagement in this process, we propose using Strides to make mapping team dynamics more fun and interactive. Together we:

  • Gain a better understanding of team dynamics and areas for improvement
  • Increase team member engagement and participation in mapping team dynamics
  • Foster a culture of curiosity, collaboration, and continuous improvement
AG Insurance

We are so excited and grateful for AG Insurance for being one of the pioneers in using our game-based learning experience. Over 500 teams have already opted in to develop their team knowledge and elaborated these insight towards the company values.


Strides was part of the Learning and Development days at the AXA campus in Brussels. During one week we welcomed over 100 teams to learn and experience the power of gamification and technology to develop teams.

// Our Key Principles
// How to get started?
Earn your strides,
step by step

Book a playtest with us for your senior L&D team.

Over the course of 90 minutes, you will:

  • Feel the excitement, empathy and cohesion that teams experience when playing Strides
  • Develop an initial sense of how Strides fits into your own L&D strategy
  • Have plenty of time for Q&A in dialogue with the Strides founders.
  • No full commitment.

All great new things are developed with care and attention to detail. To help craft a Strides experience that fits your L&D strategy, we have developed a co-creation/pilot formula that helps to bridge the gap between your needs and our tool.

  • Co-creation workshop to align Strides and your goals, resulting in a presentation deck you can share internally.
  • A 3-day Strides pilot activation at your company with up to 24 total players.
  • An after movie from the pilot with interviews from you and team members.
Scale up (Residency)
Making Strides

Using insights gained from our pilot we work with you to fine tune the unique Strides experience your teams will need and roll this out at scale.

With a  Strides residency:

  • Co-branded Strides game decks and expert coaches are on site at your company for a minimum of two weeks. at your company during several weeks/months.
  • Most clients have have found that a 3-4 week residency is the best fit.
Your unique setting
for the game

We’re excited to offer the Strides experience to your office or headquarters. Our Strides gamedecks can easily be installed in any office environment, providing a convenient and enjoyable way for teams to participate. We promise we’ll make your campus look good.

// The experts
Meet the
Surrounding research
On our data

Strides is unique in it’s approach to use nothing but data extracted from our digital games to generate an overview of your team dyanmics. Together with some of the leading research facilities we’re currently validating our datasets and algorythms while also conducting further academic research on the following topics:

  • Quantifying synergies in human capital using gaming data & economic validation
  • Evaluating personality assessments by introducing contextual factors
  • Psychological research on psychological safety, stressors and communication.
  • Working together with AI
//experience Strides
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